SAP Business One in Miami, Florida

Transform your business with industry-leading management software.

SAP Business One in Miami, Florida

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a complete business management software designed especially for small and midsize companies. With integrated accounting, production, inventory and CRM components, this ERP will allow you to manage and optimize all aspects of your business.

Connect and streamline your critical processes

Back Office, CRM and Analytics all in one platform

Usable on-premise or as software as a service (SaaS)

Rapid deployment with CeleriTech's EZ Starter Kit.

CeleriTech is an SAP Gold Partner. Let us help you transform your business with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One in Miami, Florida
SAP Business One in Miami, Florida

SAP Business One for SCM

Accuracy and timeliness are crucial to the success and growth of any business, even more so for companies dealing with inventory, warehousing and delivery. CeleriTech focuses on the supply chain management business model and works with companies to customize their SAP Business One. We tailor this software according to specific needs for import/export, manufacturing, distribution, e-Commerce and 3PL businesses.

Efficient supply chain management is easy with SAP Business One and CeleriTech.

SAP Business One Modules

SAP Business One helps companies improve logistics and planning through a series of modules focused on crucial business aspects such as:

SAP Business One in Miami, Florida

Let CeleriTech help you configure SAP Business One for your unique business needs.

Scorecards for financial reporting, budgeting and accounting, by profit center and project.

Manage your warehouse, inventory and operations. Monitor stock levels, track transfers between multiple warehouses, check product availability and prices.

Manage the entire purchasing lifecycle, from planning and ordering to goods receipt and accounts payable.

Manage the entire sales cycle: quotes, orders, backorder management, pricing, invoicing and delivery. Use data to understand margins and profitability per order.

Integrated marketing, sales and support provide end-to-end visibility for the entire customer lifecycle. Track your sales activities and opportunities, from the first contact to the closing of the transaction.

The SAP Business One mobile app for iPhone and iPad allows you to create sales orders, quotes and service calls directly from your cell phone.

Create a bill of materials, manage and plan production and purchasing, analyze resource usage, balance supply and demand while considering stock levels and production requirements.

Create a bill of materials, manage production and analyze problems, including plant instructions and actual versus estimated resource usage. Plan purchases by balancing supply and demand, always taking into account maximum and minimum stock levels along with your production needs.

Manage product returns conveniently and economically.

CeleriTech is your SAP Business One Gold Partner in Miami, Florida.

Come on board and let us help you transform your business with SAP Business One.

CeleriTech + SAP Business One

As a certified SAP partner, CeleriTech has perfected a rapid implementation methodology and you can have SAP Business One installed and configured in as little as two weeks. Our customized products, such as the EZ Starter Kit, are designed specifically for small and midsize business supply chain management.

Features and benefits of implementing SAP Business One with CeleriTech:

Talk to us about implementing SAP Business One today!

Customized system for your business

As one of the most powerful business management tools for small and midsize companies, SAP Business One generates hundreds of useful reports that you can start using immediately. In addition, CeleriTech customizes reports and dashboards for you based on your specific business needs. This reliable, proven and scalable solution is designed to help you outperform your competitors and drive growth.

Control panel or user cockpit

Graphical reports

KPI reports

Excel Pivot Tables

Possibility of deepening the origin transaction

What does SAP Business One do for your organization?

SAP Business One improves decision-making and actions related to business management by using real-time reports and taking advantage of information from all fundamental business areas, including the following:

CRM Sales: Management of the relationship with your clients

Production Management

Integrated Finance



CRM Services: Improve your customer service


Financial and Logistic Supply Chain 100% integrated

Inventory and Distribution

SAP Business One is undoubtedly the best investment for growing SMEs

Notable features of SAP Business One

Hardware requirements for implementation?

Solutions Software as a Service or




Technical service and consulting available


The best
cost–benefit ratio

What are the current industry sector challenges?

Here are the primary issues faced by 3PL e-commerce businesses.

Order Management

One of the biggest issues faced by 3PL e-commerce companies is...

Order management

Use CeleriTech's unique dashboard to monitor and control all aspects of order management, including order preparation, packing, shipping and delivery...
Use CeleriTech's single dashboard to monitor and control all aspects of order management, including order preparation, packing, shipping and delivery. You can also integrate the order management process with the carriers of your choice to control shipping and tracking.

Inventory Management

Lack of proper inventory management is yet another issue faced by 3PL...

Inventory management

Proper management of your inventory is essential for 3PL operations...
Proper management of your inventory is essential for 3PL operations. Our solutions include an inventory control wizard that helps you keep track of all your products from a single dashboard.

Customer Returns

Customers may often dislike the product or have other issues, and thus can request...

Customer returns

Returns do happen and you need a process to manage them efficiently...
Returns do happen and you need a process to manage them efficiently. Use our solutions to facilitate receiving, replenishment and refunds with one simple system.

Labels, Barcodes, Shipping

As a 3PL e-commerce company, you will need to print customized labels with...

Labels, barcodes and shipping

Print customized labels with barcodes for you and your customers....
Print customized labels with barcodes so you and your customers can track the status of an order in real time.

Pick and Packing

3PL e-commerce companies need to gain full control over picking and packing items...

Sorting and packaging

On-time deliveries depend on efficient selection and packaging of items...
On-time delivery depends on efficient picking and packing of items. Automate and assign tasks to improve productivity and avoid shipping delays.

Software Customizing

Every business owner wants to highlight their business and deliver value in different...

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