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Implementation Projects

The implementation process of any technological tool is the most relevant factor to guarantee the return on your investment.

At CeleriTech, we believe in using simple and agile methodologies to deliver perfection, minimizing risks and ensuring your success.

Steps to follow

Organization of the work team

Level of customer participation

Supervision scheme



Project phases

Incident management

What makes us effective in guaranteeing your success?
Here's what sets us apart:

The guarantee of a project delivered and operating according to the time estimated in the planning, with the expected budget and the quality that your investment deserves. Each implementation process involves simultaneously addressing critical variables for the achievement of the objectives:

Some of the key factors we consider for implementing SAP Business One and achieving the success we all strive for are:




We know that successfully implementing a technological solution in your business environment involves overcoming major challenges.

The service provider that accompanies you is responsible for a large percentage of your success.

At CeleriTech, we know this and we put at your disposal our team of experienced professionals, the resources for an efficient transfer of knowledge and a solid business knowledge to meet your needs.

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A 360° view of your organization is possible with SAP and CeleriTech

It’s time to get the digital transformation your business needs. You don’t have to walk this path blindly. CeleriTech makes it possible for you to observe SAP ERP operating with scenarios and situations similar to those of your company. Always in the company of our consultants. Contact us today.