Staff Augmentation

We offer you first class consulting from the best SAP consultants for specific projects.

Staff Augmentation

We offer you first-class consulting from the best SAP consultants for specific projects.

Companies that have invested in SAP as a platform for their key processes require constant support to keep the solution aligned with business needs, solve problems, optimize its use, innovate or adopt new functionalities. At CeleriTech we support you by assigning a team of experts with the necessary knowledge to meet your company’s needs.

Through CeleriTtech we provide you with an excellent staff of in-house and remote consultants at your company’s service. Having personnel on payroll is not only more costly, but also generates a large burden of labor liabilities. We put at your disposal, in an efficient and agile way, our highly qualified human capital to satisfy your specific needs, provide specific support, attend specific projects and an infinite number of requirements related to SAP consulting.

Our Solution

We have a Staff Augmentation service, conformed by CeleriTech, which specializes in the execution of projects with a Resource Management unit, conformed by a world class staff, that will help you to fulfill your specific purposes and needs related to:

Our Staff Augmentation team has a long history of supporting SAP and SAP customers with all their SAP solutions:

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What are the benefits for your business? Very simple:

We seek to reduce the need for fixed costs by temporarily assigning experienced and certified consultants to highly specialized tasks. If your business needs to execute strategic projects, contact us and we will gladly help you get the key talent to improve your technology platform.