CeleriTech Training Programs

Improve your skills with high quality training.

CeleriTech Training Programs

Enhance your skills with high-quality training

Investing in the right technology is a great business decision. Making sure you’re getting the most out of that investment is even smarter. Strengthen your team and increase your efficiency through CeleriTech’s training programs focused on technology, finance and logistics. Delivered by our educational team of certified consultants and trainers, CeleriTech’s online and in-person programs are a great way to invest in your company’s future.

Benefits of training

Increased proficiency in business management software

Understanding of the principles used in business management systems: finance, CRM, logistics, etc.

Streamlining of the tasks performed by your workforce and improvement in the decision making process

Reinforcement of the organization's objectives at all levels

Training leaders with better communication skills

Reducing operating costs by boosting employee productivity

More than nine years training professionals for the Digital Transformation of SMEs

What makes our training programs unique?

Extending the commitment to offer top quality products, CeleriTech has developed a series of affordable and effective training courses. Our programs are based on virtual, classroom and self-managed learning. Let us learn about your company to determine the most effective method and topics for you.

Our courses are aimed at all employees who want or need to expand their technological or financial knowledge. Only fundamental knowledge of the subject you wish to study and at the level of computer resources only access to the Internet are required.

Training programs available:

If you are looking for training in another type of business management software, ask us! It is very likely that we can offer a program tailored to your needs.

We also provide training for groups. Contact us and discover our customized training programs.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Testimonial by Nelson Torres

Professional certified by SAP through our academy.

“In Venezuela, CeleriTech was the first partner to offer SAP Business One courses in 2011, providing the opportunity to take it with material, manuals and practical exercises in SAP training servers in Germany, being a valuable guide to study to obtain SAP certification.
practical exercises in training servers of the SAP corporation in Germany, being a valuable study guide to obtain the SAP certification.”

Join the more than 4,000 users trained and certified by CeleriTech.

Get the most out of your technology investment and expand your staff's knowledge with CeleriTech's training programs.