Automated e-mails and SMS with EZ BizCom

Make the most of communication with your suppliers, partners and customers.

What is EZ BizCom?

EZ BizCom is an add-on to your existing SAP Business One platform. This solution automates communication with customers, suppliers and business partners through customizable templates and submission criteria. EZ BizCom streamlines your processes and increases efficiency.

These are the pre-configured templates available:

Customize any template to fit your specific needs and communication style.

How does it work?

Just choose the template, add the sending and recipient criteria and let EZ BizCom do the rest. From mass emails to SMS reminders, automation ensures that alerts and notifications reach the right person at the right time.

Who should use EZ BizCom?

Our intelligent and customizable solution is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that need to maximize their internal resources. Free staff from repetitive tasks such as creating hundreds of emails and free up time for more strategic value-added activities. EZ BizCom is also the right solution for any company that wants to increase customer touch points and accounting accuracy.

Features and benefits

EZ BizCom is a simple tool with which you will obtain:

Commitment to the environment

We are focused on becoming a B-Corp. We are continually looking for ways to reduce our own carbon footprint. One of those ways is to move towards paperless operations and EZ BizCom helps other companies achieve the same goal. Satisfied customers and a smaller carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Automate your contact with customers and suppliers

Always send the most accurate and up-to-date information, automatically, with EZ BizCom.

Asked Questions EZ BizCom

EZ BizCom Frequently Asked Questions

EZ BizCom is a complementary solution to SAP Business One, so it is essential to handle a version 9.1 or higher with HANA database or SQL 2018 or higher and Patch Level 5 or higher. Additionally it is required to have Microsoft Office 365 activation, or your own mail server (SMTP) or a service or platform for sending SMS (if applicable).

Yes, communications can be configured to attach one or more SAP Business One documents or data in a single communication or in different communications to the same recipient.

Yes, all communications can be sent on a recurring basis according to the time or criteria required. This is done during the configuration of the service. An example of recurring communication: Sending a statement when the customer has an outstanding balance.

The EZ BizCom solution has elements that can be modified by the administrator user. For example, he/she can stop a process at any time and change the sending status of a communication, the subject and/or the body of the email, the sender’s name or the password of the email account (from/to), among others.