CeleriTech's SAP Hosting Services

Increase performance and security with unlimited storage

CeleriTech's SAP Hosting Services

Increase performance and security with unlimited storage

Reinforcing the performance of your SAP platform with a hosting service is an excellent way to achieve higher performance and reduce costs. CeleriTech offers state-of-the-art server hosting at a reasonable cost. Tailored to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), our hosting service is an effective way to control the costs associated with SAP implementation and administration.

Guaranteed speed and stability for SAP Business One with the optimized data center from Celeritech

Reduce your operating costs and pay only for what you need with our user-based fee structure. Expand access at any time as your business grows. This end-to-end solution incorporates hardware and software to meet your SAP technology requirements.

Affordable Costs / High Performance / Scalable Solution

CeleriTech's SAP hosting service includes:

24/7 availability and connectivity

Platform management with firewall administration

Remote user administration

Food, refrigeration and environmental control

Automatic and constant backups

Operating system updates

Software delivery on premises or under SaaS model

12, 24 or 36-month service contracts

We tailor our hosting solution for you

Why let CeleriTech take care of your hosting?

Rapid implementation and adoption of SAP in your company

Guaranteed operational continuity

Cost reduction on the IT management platform and on physical requirements

Scalable growth according to your company's needs

Guaranteed security for your information, your most valuable asset. Only the users you authorize can have access to the service.

Permanent and secure connection

Hassle-free SAP platform operation with CeleriTech

Increase your company’s security, significantly reduce IT-related operating costs, access SAP from anywhere and manage your growth with confidence. Let CeleriTech facilitate your operations with our hosting and server service.