Visualize your data with Keenlog Analytics

Clarity and transparency throughout your supply chain

What is Keenlog Analytics?

Keenlog Analytics is a data visualization platform that enables you to make smart business decisions based on real-time analysis of supply chain and sales data. Through a series of dashboards covering: sales, purchasing, inventory and CRM, you have visibility into your organization’s key logistics and financials. With robust analytical data, you can make smart business decisions to grow your business.

Optimize your logistics and growth strategy

With intelligent data visualization, you can fine-tune your process and develop a strong competitive advantage. Keenlog Analytics will enable you to:

Platform features

Implementing Keenlog Analytics is fast, easy and will increase the visibility of your business results immediately. Count on:

Key indicators and reports

As a supply chain management company, you manage vast amounts of data about customers, vendors, suppliers, financials and inventory. Keenlog Analytics monitors what’s vital in each of those data sets, transforming the information into pictures that allow you to quickly identify trends and act on them. By aligning your KPIs with business objectives, you won’t have to work on assumptions or hypotheses, you’ll sharpen your focus and make smarter decisions for the organization. Save time and money with Keenlog Analytics.

Dashbords based on KPIs

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Your data clearer, more accurate information

Discover how Keenlog Analytics can help you make the smartest business decisions.