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EZ Starter Kit

EZ Starter Kit
Calculate your monthly fee and downpayment of your EZ Solution based on your company users, industry sector, and Business Model.
Industry Sector*
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Number of companies
Number of companies you want to install EZ Starter Kit
EZ Starter Kit Users
Number of users
Subscription to access SAP Business One giving the user the functionalities related to Order Management, Inventory Management, Purchase, Good Receipt, Delivery, Financial, Accounting, Credit Card Processing, Standard Reports, and Crystal Report License
EZ-Starter Kit - Additional Modules
Incorporate advanced functionalities that adapt to the specific requirements of your company.
The production module contains the assembly and planning instructions for assembling each manufactured item if you have manufacturing processes.
Included in: 3PL, 3PL e-Commerce, e-Commerce Operation, Manufactures.
This functionality enables you to plan material requirements for a manufacturing or procurement process.
Included in: Manufacture.
RMA allows you to issue authorizations, track status, and process customer-returned materials.
This functionality lets you obtain all the sellers' costs associated with the goods from the moment they are produced until they are in the customer's hands.
Included in: : Importer / Exporter.
It allows you to efficiently manage your fixed assets both from a tax and accounting point of view.
It helps you to track and manage company expenses.
This module facilitates project planning, materials, capacity, and resource utilization for project-based coordination.
With our Wharehouse Management System, increase your warehouse's productivity and profitability.
Users - WMS
Number of users
Subscription to our mobile-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed to support your entire operation’s lifecycle giving you a real-time understanding of your inventory’s quantity, location, and movement. EZ StockPro tracks all warehouse activity: Goods Receipt PO, Picking & Packing, Deliveries, Returns, Production, Stock transfers, Label printing, Stock count, Inventory Reports, Kitting, Catch Weight, Lot Number, Serial Number.
Included in: Food & Beverage, 3PL, 3PL e-Commerce, e-Commerce Operation, Manufactures.
Additional Labels - WMS
Number of labels
Two (2) Labels are included in our WMS.
Catch Weight
Extend your Warehouse Management System when you need to store stocks in two independent units of measure in a warehouse.
The application allows managing materials within the supply chain in two independent units of measure.
Scale Integration
Number of scales
Integrate your electronic balance to your Wharehouse Management System
Integrate your online store with e-Commerce companies, shopping carts, and carriers to support your operations from receipt to delivery of your products.
Marketplace / Shopping Cart
Number of e-commerces/shopping carts
Integrate your electronic commerce operations with more than 70 shopping carts and selling channels, monitor online store and marketplace purchases in real-time. Connect your e-Commerce sales strategy to your administrative, financial, and warehouse operations.
Shipping Carrier
Number of carriers
Integrate your system with carrier companies to coordinate delivery services and optimizes shipping costs by using multiple carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.).
Mobile Delivery App for Drivers and Sales Reps
Number of users
Get real‑time updates from drivers with a mobile application that gives you: confirmation with an electronic signature, reports of delivery, a tool to planning routes, monitor all shipments, and track materials in each vehicle.
Customer Experience
Automate your sales and customer service processes to increase customer satisfaction.
Allows you to get an integrated view of your customers throughout the sales cycle.
Included in: Medical Equipment
The CRM service module enables you to optimize the management of the service department, the service contracts, the planning and monitoring of customer interaction activities.
Included in: Medical Equipment
EZ B2B Portal
Number of users
It is a portal to connect your customers, sales network and logistics distribution. The EZ B2B Portal allows clients to view their orders and logistics information directly. With this tool, you keep your clients informed and connected all the time.
Mobile Sales Reps
Number of users
This tool is a mobile application to increase revenues and improve the sales cycle of your company. This application creates sales transactions giving your sales team real-time access to the information they need.
Mobile Field Service
Number of users
Give better customer support with an application that allows you to schedule, edit, and update service calls, reassign, rearrange tasks and service calls, consult maps and routes based on the schedule, do task completion confirmations with the client's signature or photo. Keep customers informed.
Point of Sale (POS)
Number of POS
This tool is point-of-sale software that will support your business needs.
Below you can check more features that help you to improve your internal processes.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Number of EDI templates
Transfer and manage documentation between you and other parties electronically in a standard format. With EDI templates, you can easily integrate with your suppliers or distributors.
Assign purchase order to a specifics container and Improve visibility of shipment details, including B / L, number and date, origin and arrival ports, ETD, and ETA.
Included in: Importer / Exporter
An application to process credit card payments.
Automated Comunication
Number of templates
Send information automatically to customers, vendors, and business partners, with customizable templates. As a result, it streamlines your process and increases efficiency.
Our Dashboard and KPI functionality is a visualization platform with KPIs, indicators, and operational metrics of your company to make intelligent business decisions.
To validate your requirements, schedule a Demo and get a formal proposal. If you need help, we can help you identify what´s best for your business.
Mobile Number
Montly fee Project (per 11 months)
Monthly Fee Licences + Product + Hosting
EZ Starter Kit - Qty
EZ Starter Kit - Total
Set up - Additional Company - Qty
Set up - Additional Company - Total
Additional Training (Up to 5 users) - Qty
Additional Training (Up to 5 users) - Total
Production - Qty
Production - Total
Simple Modules - Qty
Simple Modules - Total
Container Management - Qty
Container Management - Total
EDI Integration - Qty
EDI Integration - Total
Professional Users - Qty
Professional Users - Total
Limited User - Qty
Limited User - Total
Paas HANA (Up to 5 Users) - Qty
Paas HANA (Up to 5 Users) - Total
Paas HANA Additional User - Qty
Paas HANA Additional User - Total
Fee - StockPro - Qty
Fee - StockPro - Total
Set up - Stock Pro - Qty
Set up - Stock Pro - Total
Set up - Aditional Labels - Qty
Set up - Aditional Labels - Total
Catch Weight - Qty
Catch Weight - Total
Set up - Scale Integration - Qty
Set up - Scale Integration - Total
Fee - Platform integration (per e-commerce/marketplace) - Qty
Fee - Platform integration (per e-commerce/marketplace) - Total
Set up - 1rs Platform integration - Qty
Set up - 1rs Platform integration - Total
Set up - Additional Platform integration - Qty
Set up - Additional Platform integration - Total
Fee - Carriers - Qty
Fee - Carriers - Total
Set up - Carriers - Qty
Set up - Carriers - Total
Fee - BizCom (Automated Comunications) - Qty
Fee - BizCom (Automated Comunications) - Total
Set up - BizCom - Qty
Set up - BizCom - Total
Fee - EZ B2B Portal - blocks 100 users - Qty
Fee - EZ B2B Portal - blocks 100 users - Total
Set up - EZ B2B Portal - Qty
Set up - EZ B2B Portal - Total
Fee - Keenlog Analytics (Dashboards, KPIs) - Qty
Fee - Keenlog Analytics (Dashboards, KPIs) - Total
Set up - Keenlog Analytics - Qty
Set up - Keenlog Analytics - Total
Fee - POS Square fee - Qty
Fee - POS Square fee - Total
Set up - POS Square - Qty
Set up - POS Square - Total
Set Up - Credit card payment process (Merchan). Only USA - Qty
Set Up - Credit card payment process (Merchan). Only USA - Total
Annual Fee - Enterpryze Users (App / web) - Qty
Annual Fee - Enterpryze Users (App / web) - Total
Set up - Initial Configuration (App / web) - Qty
Set up - Inital Configuration (App / web) - Total
Set up - Users Configuration (App / web) - Qty
Set up - Users Configuration (App / web) - Total
Set up - Entepryze training (2hrs session per module) - Qty
Set up - Entepryze training (2hrs session per module) - Total
Extended Support - Qty
Extended Support - Total
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