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EZ StockPro is a mobile-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed to support your entire operation’s lifecycle, giving you a real-time understanding of your inventory’s quantity, location and movement. EZ StockPro tracks all warehouse activity: Goods Receipt PO, Picking & Packing, Deliveries, Returns, Production, Stock transfers, Label printing, Stock count, Inventory Reports, Kitting, Catch weight, Lot Number, Serial Number

EZ BizCom is an add-on to your existing SAP Business One platform to automate communication with customers, vendors and business partners. With customizable templates and send criteria, EZ BizCom streamlines your process and increases efficiency.

EZ Digital-T is an integration tool to enhance the SAP Business One platform so you can seamlessly connect your e-Commerce sales with inventory and distribution systems. We help you monitor online store and marketplace purchases in real-time so you can stay on top of planning and fulfillment needs. Integration with Carrier companies (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc) is included

EZ Carrier integrates your system with multiple carrier companies.  With this application coordinate delivery services and optimizes shipping costs

EZ B2B Portal is a self-management portal that integrates with your SAP platform and allows clients to view their order and logistics information directly. It enhances your offering by keeping your clients informed and connected at all times.
Keenlog Analytics is a data visualization platform that allows you to make smart business decisions based on real-time analysis of supply chain and sales data. Through a series of dashboards that cover Sales, Purchases, Inventory, CRM Sales, and Finance, you have visibility into your business’ key logistics and financials
CeleriTech’s POS will enhance your customers’ shopping experience and streamlining your transaction process. Our POS connects your sales to inventory, payment processing and more. E-commerce purchases and in-store sales are consolidated and integrated into a single system for ease of tracking

A mobile application to increase revenues and improve the sales cycle of your company. with this application create sales transactions, give a better customer support and Get real‑time updates from drivers

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