Expand your payment options

Build a multichannel sales strategy
with the best Point-of-Sale (POS) options

Point of Sale (POS) Solutions from CeleriTech

Discover the best POS solutions in the industry. Integrated into your SAP platform, CeleriTech POS will enhance your customers’ shopping experience and streamline your transactions. By aligning front and back-end operations, our POS connects your sales to inventory, payment processing and more. Purchases under e-Commerce operations and in-store sales are consolidated and integrated into a single system for easy tracking and planning.

POS integration consolidates and simplifies:

Features and benefits

Fast and easy configuration and integration

Adaptable to wholesale and retail business models

Secure and fast transactions

Compatible with scanners, dataphones, printers, etc.

Mobile connectivity to receive and monitor transactions in real time

Reporting and analysis of transaction details

Basic and advanced functionalities to grow with your sales volume

Cost-effective and fully supported with our training programs and technical assistance and maintenance services

Perfect for small and medium-sized companies

Increase inventory control, reduce errors and facilitate sales reconciliation through task automation

Improve your customers' experience with agile and flawless payment systems.

Build a frequent shopper program that deepens customer loyalty by capturing consumer data that tracks buying patterns and preferences

Increase sales through a wide range of payment methods

Monitor sales information, understand the current situation and analyze trends for the future

Perfect for small and medium-sized companies

Aumente el control del inventario, reduzca los errores y facilite la conciliación de las ventas mediante la automatización de las tareas

Enhance your customer’s experience with streamlined, glitch-free payment systems

Build frequent-buyer program that deepens customer loyalty, by capturing customer data that tracks purchasing patterns and preference

Increase sales through a wide range of payment methods

Monitor sales information understand current status and analyse trends for the future

POS integrations

CeleriTech’s POS solution works with the most popular and stable platforms in the industry. Not only can we configure our POS with the solution of your choice, but if necessary we can customize a platform just for your business!


Customized solutions with a scalable and secure platform.

  • Works with online stores and social networks
  • Customization of hardware options: virtual terminal, magnetic stripe, etc.
  • Data dashboard and analysis
  • Compatible payroll service

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World-class POS solutions with the highest industry standards.

  • Stand-alone POS solutions or integrated into SAP ERP
  • Ideal for retail with offline operation capabilities
  • Available for use on any POS device tailored for your business
  • Multiple payment methods and currencies
  • Greater control over transactions, invoices and inventories
  • Cloud-based reporting for financial results, sales, invoices, etc.
  • Total security of your company’s information

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Payment management with an intelligent and adaptable dashboard. Unique technology for retailers.

  • The best POS for e-Commerce retailers
  • Personalized service and loyalty programs for your customers
  • Advanced inventory functions
  • Unified reporting and statistics
  • Send electronic carts to customers via email
  • Pay from anywhere with the mobile POS solution

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Customized POS systems tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of where your business is located, CeleriTech can


Customized POS systems tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of where your business is located, CeleriTech can

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