Mastering Food Imports in 2024: A Guide for Small & Growing Businesses

Celeritech Marketing TeamFeeling overwhelmed by the complexities of importing ingredients? Discover best practices and innovative technologies to navigate the import maze in 2024 and elevate your food business.

Running a small or growing food business is an exciting adventure, but navigating the world of importing ingredients can feel like entering a complex maze. Finding high-quality ingredients at competitive prices can be a challenge, especially in today’s ever-evolving global market.

Here at Celeritech, we understand your struggles. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping food businesses like yours thrive with innovative technology solutions for streamlined import processes.

But before diving into the technological side, let’s explore some best practices for sourcing high-quality imported ingredients in 2024:

1. Know Your Needs:

The first step is a thorough understanding of your specific needs. What ingredients are essential for your recipes? Are there specific quality certifications you require? Consider factors like seasonality, minimum order quantities, and desired delivery timelines. This clarity will guide your search and ensure you’re targeting the right suppliers.

Import regulations can vary significantly depending on the type of food product you’re importing. Familiarize yourself with relevant regulations to avoid delays and unexpected costs. Here you can find more useful information about: US Importing Food Products in the US.

2. Embrace the Power of Research

The internet is your friend! Utilize online platforms like ARIBA and TradeKey to find potential suppliers from different countries. Industry publications, trade shows, and attending relevant conferences are also excellent ways to connect with reputable import brokers and distributors specializing in your desired ingredients.

3. Building Trustworthy Partnerships:

Developing strong relationships with international suppliers is key. Look for companies with a proven track record of quality, reliability, and fair pricing. Schedule video calls or in-person meetings (if feasible) to assess communication styles, business practices, and their understanding of your specific requirements.

4. Price Negotiation & Contracts:

Once you’ve identified a promising supplier, don’t be afraid to negotiate! Research market prices for your desired ingredients and be prepared to present a fair counteroffer. Always get everything in writing.

Import management software always is an advantage when businesses want to streamline contract creation, negotiation, and approval processes: clear contracts outlining pricing, minimum order quantities, payment terms, and dispute resolution processes are essential for a smooth import journey.

Beyond Best Practices: Embracing Technology for Efficiency

While these strategies will set you on the right path, navigating import regulations, managing complex logistics, and ensuring consistent quality control can become overwhelming as your business grows. Here’s where innovative technology solutions can truly empower you.

Introducing EZ Container built on SAP Business One - Your Import Management Application

EZ Container simplifies the import process for businesses like yours. Imagine a centralized platform that automates tasks like:

  • Supplier sourcing and communication: Access a global network of pre-vetted, reliable suppliers with competitive pricing. EZ Container automates communication with suppliers and offshore employees, providing instant updates and notifications, Thanks to EZ Container everyone is informed of changes and updates automatically, enhancing collaboration and saving valuable time.
  • Streamlined documentation management: Manage all necessary import documents electronically for faster processing and reduced errors. EZ Container offers a consolidated view of all purchase orders and sales orders associated with your import or export operations within SAP Business One. This unified view simplifies order tracking and management, improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Real-time shipment tracking: Gain complete transparency with real-time visibility into your shipments, ensuring timely deliveries and avoiding unexpected delays. EZ Container integrates seamlessly with global logistics companies, allowing automatic updates on shipment status, ETA, and more. These updates are reflected in SAP Business One, saving you valuable time.
  • Automatic and Accurate Landed Costs: EZ Container streamlines landed cost calculations within SAP Business One. It eliminates the need to calculate costs per purchase order individually. Instead, it calculates the costs for the entire container, containing all related purchase orders. This not only reduces time-consuming activities but also provides a more accurate overview of landed costs.
  • Inventory Allocation: Streamline inventory allocation for incoming procurement with EZ Container. The solution optimizes inventory management, ensuring that the right products are allocated to the right orders, reducing the risk of overstock or stockouts.


By leveraging technology, you can:

  • Save time and resources: Reduce the administrative burden of import management and focus on what you do best – creating delicious food!
  • Reduce costs: Access competitive pricing through a wider network of suppliers and optimize logistics for cost efficiency.
  • Minimize risk: Mitigate compliance issues and potential delays with automated documentation and regulatory support.
  • Gain peace of mind: Ensure the consistent quality of your ingredients with improved traceability and risk management features.


Building a thriving food business requires sourcing high-quality ingredients at competitive prices. By implementing these best practices and embracing innovative technology solutions, you can navigate the world of importing with confidence. At Celeritech, we’re here to support your journey towards success.


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