Expand your payment possibilities, sell more, and grow by integrating SQUARE's POS solutions.

The payment system used by millions of businesses worldwide

Who are we?

Square Inc, is a technology company specializing in integrating solutions for merchant services and mobile payments. Millions of businesses use them to accept credit card payments, track sales, inventory and obtain financing.

Square's POS solutions can integrate with your SAP platform to streamline transactions and everyday tasks. They also align back-end operations with the front-end and bring together all your sales information, inventory, payment processing, and more, regardless of the digital channel of origin of the sale or whether it was made at your physical shop.

Need to process payments through smartphones? Square's payment solutions will help! Find out how by asking one of our representatives for more information.

Who is it for?

Square's payment solutions are ideal for SMEs, and although they also work for large companies, they have been specially designed for sectors such as 


Mass consumption products



Mass consumption products


Every business is different, so every payment solution should be too. Square tailors its POS software to support your business needs and your customers' requirements.

How does it work?

Square Inc, has created a comprehensive payment system that works for its SAP platform. You can purchase one or more of the available products, which work seamlessly on iOS and Android devices and include the following:

It allows your customers to pay, tip, and sign on the mobile phone or tablet you've designated for them. With Square POS you'll process payments made with credit cards, gift cards, and cash, all for a small monthly fee that varies based on your transaction volume.

It consists of a small device that is installed on a smartphone or tablet. It reads credit and debit cards. The money from the transactions is made available in your bank accounts within two working days.

The platform helps easily visualize business performance information, which allows you to make decisions based on your POS activity.  

It is an online service that allows users to book appointments.

It is a physical product that allows users to turn an iPad into a complete point-of-sale tool.

You, who know your business priorities and operations end-to-end, will know which products from the Square line are best for you. We can configure it for you.



Quick and easy configuration and integration

Adaptable to your business model, whether wholesale or retail. You will have only core functions that are valuable to your organization.

Secure and fast transactions

Accessible from anywhere to view detailed information on each transaction in real time

Accurate information for reporting, analysis, transactional statistics and details of each transaction when you need it

Intuitive operation

Low-cost points of sale with flexible payment plans

Integrable with devices such as scanners, data phones, printers and more

Upgrades, technical support, maintenance and training services are included in our plan.

Business benefits

Square' s POS solutions will enable you to:

Taking care of everything to run a business and keep it running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is complicated! This is because SMEs do not always have the qualified human resources to generate the expected results.

At CeleriTech, we make our customers' lives easier and put in their hands business solutions that help them be more organized and productive with less effort and investment. Just like the Square POS system does! Request a free DEMO now and see for yourself.