SAP Document Management

It is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform for managing the information lifecycle, from capturing, archiving and availability, and extending capabilities to mobility.

SAP Document Management

It is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform to manage the information lifecycle, from its capture, archiving and availability, extending the capabilities to mobility.

Main functional areas

Brand asset management, customer service and billing, media and campaign management, sales and account management

Enterprise asset management, logistics and distribution

Develop sourcing strategies, order materials and services For suppliers: Develop and maintain contracts

Management of employee information, acquisition of resources, consulting for bonuses and withholdings

Accounts payable, invoicing, and expense management

 Data archiving, disposal of paper archives, green IT, information lifecycle management, decommissioning of legacy applications (legacy de-commissioning)



Available for the SAP Customer 360° approach

Propose a strategy to your customers based on consumer analytics, adding end-to-end value, efficiently sell, serve, market and engage with real-time information delivered by the 360° approach using a 1-to-1 profile-based engagement, and automate your brand consistency and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Leverage the advantages of mobility and cloud storage from SAP

Deploy applications in the pure and hybrid cloud, with solutions such as hybrid on-premise and cloud-based bill-to-pay platforms that you can leverage together with the Ariba Network.

Manage connected employee records with SAP Success Factors and SAP Document Management, with OCR included in the SAP Cloud for travel solutions.

Support for SAP mobility solutions

The new solutions are expected to be compatible with the SAP Afaria mobile device management platform. This will enable your staff to easily synchronize, share and store company information on all their mobile devices.

Qualified for SAP S/4 HANA

Get the benefits of the platform for your company in real-time, quickly, intelligently and simply.