SAP Customer Checkout

POS that strengthen your omni-channel strategy

Who are we?

The digital era in which we live requires SMEs to place the customer at the center of any business strategy. This is true even in the omni-channel strategy, and for this strategy to be effective, it must, at the very least, correctly segment its customers, unify all touch-points and, of course, provide the POS with the best tools to facilitate an unbeatable service.

That is why, at CeleriTech, we offer you SAP Customer Checkout, which is the perfect cloud-based tool to optimize the management of your Point of Sale (POS) and, at the same time, update your stock and sales in real time.

With SAP Customer Checkout, you have the opportunity to empower your sales force with a POS tool that goes beyond the traditional by integrating with SAP Business One and taking your platform to the next level.

How does our Warehouse Management System work?

SAP Customer Checkout can work independently or integrate with SAP Business One. As soon as you integrate the tool with your ERP, all POS-related processes, such as logistics, order accounting documents, expenses, and many more, are able to be managed in real time.

Deployment can be local and offline capable such that everything related to selling your products is streamlined enough for your customers and sales team to notice the difference immediately.

The functionalities available are many! Identify which ones you need for your business:

If you don't find the functionality you are looking for, contact our experts. They will show you the world of possibilities that SAP Customer Checkout offers.

SAP Customer Checkout is the intelligent checkout solution you can use anywhere, from any device or web browser.

To whom is it addressed?

Not all business solutions work for everyone. But if yours belongs to any of the following industries, you will hardly find a more powerful and efficient POS solution than SAP Customer Checkout:

If you do not see your business sector listed, ask one of our representatives about your possibilities with SAP Customer Checkout.

Everything your business will get with SAP Customer Checkout

These are some of the most relevant benefits you will receive by synchronizing SAP Customer Checkout with your ERP:

Key capabilities

Centralized sales processes

Flexible payment options

Master data management

Real-time integration

Accurate, real-time reporting


Don't be just another establishment!

Transform your business by implementing SAP Customer Checkout, the intelligent checkout solution from SAP and CeleriTech.