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What is the CeleriTech Referral Program?

CeleriTech is dedicated to the digital transformation of small to mid-sized businesses (SMB). By becoming a Referral Program partner, you will be an ambassador for the CeleriTech portfolio of business software solutions, helping to expand and strengthen companies worldwide.

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Who is it for?

Members of the CeleriTech Referral Program are companies and individuals interested in establishing an ongoing business relationship to identify potential clients. With relationships in the IT and business world, our partners understand who can benefit from CeleriTech’s business software solutions and help to introduce those potential customers to Celeritech’s sales team.

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How does our Warehouse Management System work?

We offer three tiers in our Referral Program with varying levels of commitment and benefit:


The "Referral" partner identifies potential customers for CeleriTech and then our team of professionals is in charge of positioning the products and services.


The "Influencer" understands the business needs and works with CeleriTech to define and present the best proposal to the potential customer. This level is ideal for technical consultants who know the products and can bring their industry knowledge to bring the opportunity to fruition.

Strategic Ally

The "Strategic Ally" identifies the opportunity, understands the business need and works with CeleriTech to design the proposed solution. The Strategic Ally is the direct contact with the client and works to coordinate the demo presentation, build the proposal and sign the contract.

Benefits of the Celeritech Referral Program

By joining the CeleriTech Referral Program, you enjoy the following benefits:

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By joining the Celeritech Referral Program, you can enjoy the following benefits:

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