EZ Shipping Carrier

EZ Shipping Carrier

Shipstation Integration

Increase your productivity and improve the results of each shipment.

What is EZ Shipping Carrier?

EZ Shipping Carrier connects Shipstation and SAP Business One to help companies like yours minimize shipping costs, improve your logistics performance and reduce financial close times.

SAP users will be able to check the prices of each carrier available on Shipstation, and more easily choose the most convenient one.

EZ Shipping Carrier Features and Benefits

How does our Warehouse Management System work?

EZ Shipping Carrier monitors sales in e-Commerce channels, transmits data directly to your fulfillment systems and coordinates delivery services. An integrated e-Commerce strategy, connecting back-office and warehouse online resources, will enable you to deliver products and manage inventory effectively.

Who is Shipstation Integration aimed at?

Any company with SAP Business One can benefit from the advantages that EZ Shipping Carrier integration provides. We focus on customers under these three categories:

Grow your business today

Increase your efficiency, productivity and profitability with CeleriTech's EZ Shipping Carrier .

Grow your business today

Increase your efficiency, productivity and profitability with CeleriTech's EZ Digital-T Shipping Carrier .

Frequently Asked Questions

EZ Shipping Carrier

Frequently Asked Questions EZ Shipping Carrier

EZ Shipping Carrier is designed to serve companies that use SAP Business One and need to increase productivity and reduce or control shipping costs, such as companies that sell high-demand products online and have multiple carrier partners on every shipping transaction. 

Yes, EZ Shipping Carrier offers an option to view pending orders to be delivered. If required, they can be combined and grouped, selecting the type of packaging, measurements, and several boxes according to your convenience—all while choosing the trusted carrier.

EZ Shipping Carrier has integrated the following carriers to manage shipments of its products in the USA: FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Services, and DHL. However, new carriers can also be incorporated after evaluating the scope.

Yes, EZ Shipping Carrier is a native solution incorporated in EZ Digital-T. We integrate multiple e-Commerce platforms and online stores into SAP Business One, thus consolidating all logistic management in one place. In addition, EZ Shipping Carrier also integrates with EZ B2B Portal, another of our solutions, allowing you to create sales orders using a self-service web portal.

In both cases, the integration with EZ Shipping Carrier makes it possible to select the preferred carrier according to your budget. You'll also be able to ship automatically and efficiently while transmitting tracking information back to the sales channel and the customer once the order is shipped.