Celeritech Support SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We have a specialized team to meet the needs of our SAP customers

We understand the importance of having an efficient and specialized support service that allows you to keep your SAP platform up-to-date and the need for the solution to be always operational. That is the reason why we have a specific unit to attend the different kinds of requirements in Celeritech.

The Celeritech Solutions support team consists of highly qualified professionals to deal with the incidents on the system, bringing a specific support service in the event of any problems with the proper functioning of the SAP Software, which can impact the daily business operations.

The support service we offer to our customers includes:

  • First and second level support to fix bugs in the SAP Software.
  • Application of existing patches.
  • Monitoring of the problems requiring the creation of new patches by SAP.
  • Administration and allocation of s-number.
  • Administration and allocation of licenses.
  • System upgrades but not version upgrades.
  • Successful improvement and exploration of your systems, minimizing costs and risks.
  • Investment protection, while encouraging innovation.
  • Comprehensive management of the whole lifecycle of you applications.
  • Management of the continuity of your business processes.
  • TCO reduction (total cost of ownership).

Considering the experience gained from more than 200 implementations in the region, Celeritech has identified that many of our customers do not have a competence center to consolidate the requirements resulting from the changes in the business model and from customer service regarding consultations on the use of the system. For this reason, we have developed a value proposition that makes it possible to channel the consultations and incidents which are not included in the standard maintenance.

We provide a Help Desk Service and Extended Support which allows categorizing the consultations as:

  • Doubts about the correct use of the tool.
  • Creation of new reports.
  • Reinstallation of the tool in the workstations.
  • Problems with permits.

The application of our service allows us offering and guarantee the necessary Technical/Functional assistance, ensuring the operative continuity of your organization, as well as meeting the specific needs of your business, being able to diagnose and offer appropriate and effective solutions.

Thinking about our customers, we provide the Support Portal to meet your requirements and requests:

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