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Integrated Inventory and Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, and Business Intelligence Software

Do any of these business dilemmas sound familiar?

  • You are not in control – Processes are manual, data is scattered in file cabinets, offline accounting spreadsheets and across desktops.
  • You have no idea how and when to expand – Your business is growing. You want to continue to add new geographies and new market segments, but you have no visibility as to where you made your best profit.
  • You can’t meet customer demand – Your inventory levels are rising, manufacturing is effective, yet you still can’t seem to meet customer requested ship dates. How do you better forecast demand, clean out your inventory, and produce product just in time?
  • Cash is tight – Whether you need to finance your supply chain costs or invest in growth, credit is still tight. You are handicapped in maintaining a close eye in cash and liquidity.
  • You have no IT staff – Technology is leaving your business behind but you’re growing and would rather invest in revenue-generating activities or software not overhead.

Now is the Time for Innovation

When your business in Miami or Latin America, Florida is on start up mode, it’s understandable to invest in an operational foundation and forego technological advancements. But “management by walking around”, manual processes and spreadsheets, and making decisions based on gut feel can only take your company so far. Once past the crucial start up phase, neglecting to invest in appropriate business systems, like SAP Business One (SB1), can hinder continued profitability.

Phenomenal growth begins here as Celeritech helps businesses to boost productivity and cut costs with brilliant technologies to match every client’s goals. With our services, we offer complete and flexible solution suites, for expanding small and medium businesses in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as well as for divisions and subsidiaries of larger companies. These suites include fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solution.

Celeritech’s business solutions include systems designed to meet your company goals and structured to function best within the industry you cater to. Gear up to take on the vast online marketplace with our E-commerce suite; organize and streamline your sales network with our Sales Force Automation suite; or simply achieve a strategic organization of company data for enhanced efficiency with our Business Intelligence system.  These solutions, among so many others, aim to provide owners and managers a comprehensive platform that supports the growth of their business and offers them the opportunity to manage it in a better way. From inventory and reporting to technical aspects, we endeavor to answer your corporate needs and empower you to take your company to greater heights.

Apart from world-class software, Celeritech’s business solutions include a comprehensive integration service that embraces every aspect to fully enable you to utilize our system to its fullest potential. This includes allowing your company to adapt the business solutions, training users within your organization, loading data for your systems, and providing you with reliable customer support.