IT Resource Management

Celeritech IT Resource Management SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We assign the best SAP consultants within your reach for punctual projects

The enterprises that have invested in SAP as a platform for their key processes require a constant accompaniment or support to maintain the solution aligned to the company’s needs, by resolving the problems, optimizing its use, innovating or adopting new functionalities. In Celeritech, we are there to support you, through the assignation of the team of experts with the necessary knowledge according to the needs of your enterprise. Celeritech Solutions has the capacity of placing its reliable consulting staff, either through an “in house” or “remote” option, at the service of your corporation, as having personnel on your payroll turns out to be more costly by further generating labor liabilities. We thus carry out an efficient and agile delivery of highly qualified human capital.

We identify the best talent with the necessary knowledge to meet the punctual needs of our clients; we further provide specific support, tend to concrete projects and a great amount of requirements related to SAP consulting.

Our Solution

Our organization specializes in the execution of projects, although, we have a Resource Management unit to support you within the staff of punctual proposals and specific needs, as for example:

  • Projects involving Upgrades.
  • Specific requirements on account of changes in the business.
  • Optimization of processes.
  • Resolution of issues.
  • Implementation of functionalities that have not been carried out.
  • Implementation of deltas offered in the new version.

Our Resource Management Team has been supporting SAP and clients with SAP, in all its solutions:

  • SAP ERP, Finances, Logistics, HCM.
  • SAP CRM: Sales, Services, Marketing.
  • SAP Business Intelligence: SAP BW, SAP Business Object, Crystal Report.
  • Any SAP application, as well as Microsoft or Oracle.


What are the benefits for your business? Quite simple, actually:

  • You save on costs, as you do not have to incorporate the consultant in question to your payroll, with all the labor liabilities thus implied.
  • You do not have to invest money in the search process of this consultant, especially if it is for a punctual assignation.
  • You will have Access to the necessary know-how to find the precise expert with the knowledge to meet your need.

We have 11 years of experience supporting the most important clients of each country in question, where we offer the services of certified consultants or final users, with a level of business solutions. We have been furthermore a SAP Certified Partner for over 10 years in aspects pertaining to services.

We look to reducing the need of fixed costs by means of the temporary assignation of experienced and certified consultants in highly specialized tasks. If your organization needs to carry out strategic projects, you should contact us and we will definitely support you in finding the key talent to improve your technological platform.