Celeritech E-commerce SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

OneMerchant is the best way to sell online, it is the e-commerce solution that provides unlimited potential with unprecedented power and flexibility

OneMerchant is the solution of integration between Miva Merchant E-Commerce and Magento E-Commerce.It is flexible, reliable, affordable, expandable and easy to use.

The solution comes with comprehensive features that are intuitive for new online businesses, yet powerful enough for the most demanding e-commerce expert.

One Merchant is the best way to sell online; it is the e-commerce solution that provides unlimited potential with unprecedented power and flexibility. OneMerchant is designed for success and provides access to all the tools you need to develop, maintain, and grow a thriving online store.

One Merchant is a solution with more than 55,000 customers and more than 200,000 stores world wide.

PA-DSS Certification

One Merchant is already PA-DSS certified.
PA-DSS is a set of standards about both what a Payment Application does and does not do.
It is having proper policy, procedures, training and standards in place to ensure that development that impacts the usage and acceptance of credit cards is secure development and not prone to security issues.
All commercial shopping carts that accept credit cards have to be audited by an approved auditor and become PA-DSS certified or these applications will no longer be allowed to interface with merchant accounts and payment gateways.

Powerful Store Design Tools

One Merchant provides you with complete control over your entire online store design. Use the built-in store template, or modify pages to suit your specific business needs.

Catalog Management

One Merchant enables you to build up your online store as large as you like. The software has been designed with no limitations on the number of products, categories, or sub-categories you can create.

Inventory Tracking and Product Merchandising

The extensive inventory tracking system in One Merchant allows you to keep track of what products you have on hand, and can even notify you when an item is out of stock. Display customized messages, telling your customers how many are available, or if stock is running low.

Order Processing and Customer Management

Batch your orders at the end of the day, run a batch report to analyze order data, and even process your orders through your payment gateway right from within Miva Merchant.

Shipping Calculation and Payment Processing

FedEx and USPS shipping calculators in Miva Merchant retrieve real-time shipping rates based on weight and distance. The UPS shipping module connects to Miva Merchant servers to retrieve current shipping rate tables.
Miva Merchant has a wide variety of built-in payment modules, designed to work smoothly with industry leaders. These payment modules were designed in partnership with the Payment Gateway providers, to ensure security and ease-of-use. Just turn it on, enter your account information, and the payment module does the rest.

Affiliate Programs and Marketing Services

Promote your online store with an affiliate program. The affiliate tracking system built into Miva Merchant enables you to create affiliate partners for your store, with individual commission levels based on order traffic, customers referred, or a combination of both.

Sales Tax Calculation

Automatically calculate accurate sales tax at the point of sale so you don’t get stuck with a tax bill. Simplify your business with Avatax sales tax collection, reporting & remittance integration.


Miva Merchant is fully integrated to SAP ERP through the certified OneMerchant application (both SAP Business One and SAP Business Suite). OneMerchant is a B2C and B2B application. Some of the features are:

  • Special Prices for Distributors / Customers.
  • Inventory levels per warehouse.
  • Sales Quotations and Sales Orders online for Distributors / Customers.
  • Sales Orders modification in SAP are reflected in ecommerce site.
  • Previous Quotations / Orders/ Invoices / Payments.
  • Current Order/ Invoices Status.
  • Customers account status.
  • Credit Limit and BP balance.
  • Products list discriminated by Customers/ Distributor.
  • Reports: Customers , Products, Cost centers, Demographic, etc.