Customer Experience (CX)

Celeritech Customer Experience SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Customer Experience has become the last trend in Business dilemma. How to focus in every single interaction that positive impact the customer satisfaction and loyalty, to look for the quintessence, the success formula that guarantee an strategic plan, customer centric with a consistent execution.

Grouping the sum of all experiences in interaction with a product or service provider, from the very initial contact to after sales, is what has been called the “Customer Experience” or CX.

To Understand the customer life cycle management in order to focus our efforts to achieve a positive balance, is all about innovating in the customer relationship management, gaining a 360° Customer View and a approach able to offer new ways to interact, like the customer self service, the  use of the emerging Social Network channel and the state of art technology “Social Business”, the collaboration way to work.

Celeritech has developed a value proposition to support the strategy focused on Customer Experience:

  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management.
  • CSS: Customer Self Service, eBilling & ePayment.
  • Social Business: the collaborative way to work.
  • Social Analytics & Engagement: Insight to Action, engaging customer in Social Networks.
  • CRM Analytics: Business Intelligence applied to Customer Relationship Management.